SmartLigs is a biotech company focused on drug discovery by using computational chemistry

We aim to be your support in finding high quality preclinical candidates at different stages:
  • hit finding
  • hit to lead
  • lead optimization
Our main goal is to maximize R&D productivity by reducing costs, risks and time-to-market.

We utilize our proprietary bioinformatics platform to perform a rational drug design, based on innovative computational chemistry technologies, integrated with other disciplines in the drug discovery (molecular biology, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology).
We offer services and expertise in computer-aided drug design in the following areas:
  • virtual screening
  • docking
  • QSAR-3D
  • scaffold hopping
  • 3D modeling of target molecules
  • drug reprofiling
  • pharmacophoric modeling
  • ADMET in silico prediction
SmartLigs has a multidisciplinary team of skilled drug discovery scientists able to:
  • tailor each project to flexibly meet the client´s specific needs
  • conceive compounds with novel intellectual property
  • decrease the resources in chemical synthesis and experimental assays, and
  • speed research processes making them more cost efficient