Company Overview

Company Overview
SmartLigs is a biotech company focused on computational chemistry. SmartLigs helps manufacturers design more productive and efficient processes, characterizes new compounds, and helps other researchers extract useful knowledge from mountains of data. We use Computational chemistry to study the fundamental properties of atoms, molecules, and chemical reactions, using quantum mechanics and thermodynamics.
We are located at Madrid´s Scientific Park. Our company is a spin-off from the Spanish research council (CSIC). The founders and rest of the team have extensive experience in different disciplines related to molecular interactions characterisation, including molecular biologists, chemists and computer engineers, providing us with broad technical knowledge.

Through science and technology cutting edge, we aim to become an international reference for biotech and pharmaceutical companies involved in drug discovery, providing them with substantial advantages to minimizing risks and reducing time and investments.


Our goal is to provide the biotech and pharmaceutical industry with the opportunity to benefit from our proprietary computational tools and prediction modeling programs, to accelerate their research and development activities, reduce costs and make novel discoveries to address currently different biotech needs.

  • Innovation: We apply our talent, knowledge and resources to generate new ideas and improvements in our technology.
  • Cooperation: We actively look for synergies that aid our progress in order to be a strategic reference to our partners and customers.
  • Customer oriented: We always seek to understand customer needs and focus on achieving their satisfaction.
  • Teamwork: We work together with enthusiasm, focused on a common goal, taking advantage of all the synergies that come from collaboration to improve efficiency.
  • Flexibility: We quickly adapt to changing environment to remain competitive and thus grow as a successful company.