Partnering your drug discovery programs with our expertise in virtual screening and molecular modeling.
SmartLigs offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies services and partnerships for discovering new preclinical candidates in the context of drug development. From early research stage, SmartLigs addresses novel ways of reducing drug development costs and greatly accelerating the R&D process by means of the integration of computational and medicinal chemistry in pharmaceutical development.

SmartLigs offers a truly integrated approach to undertaking rational drug design´s programs, from hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimization projects. Our technology allows us to attempt the projects across the full spectrum of therapeutic areas and all classes of small molecules.
Smartligs offers a wide range of services to suit client’s requirements:
  • Identification of novel inhibitors and new active compounds
  • Discovering new chemical entities
  • Drug reprofiling: human and veterinary indications
  • Design of more synthesizable and scalable compounds
  • Finding the mechanisms of action
  • Solving toxicological issues
  • ADMET in silico prediction
  • Identification of non-structural analogues for your compounds
  • Determine new applications for your molecules
  • Extension of patents scope
Our team works closely with our clients´s scientists to enhance knowledge, shorten time to development candidate identification and increase the value of their drug discovery programs.